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Sabi Nicholson (b. 1999, Belfast) is an interdisciplinary artist hitchhiking the landscapes of image, sound and text. Their work pulls at the seams of incorporeal forces that shape our world via surreal sensory realms of droning music, field recordings, and slow, forensic imagery. They undertake a layered research process that combines physical and digital artifacts, experiences, and meanderings - in doing so uncovering unexpected cross-discipline connections.  
In other words, Sabi smudges borders as a matter of principle.

They graduated from BA Photography at the KABK in the summer of 2023, and their work has been shown at Surface Gallery (Nottingham, EN), EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam, NL), the Grey Space in the Middle (The Hague, NL) and the Ulster Museum (Belfast, NI).

They currently host and curate the experimental music show SUBSTRATA on Dublin Digital Radio.

Sabi can be found between Belfast & The Hague.